July 08, 2021

"The Libra Hazy IPA Brings Tasty Artisanal Beer Flavor to Non-Drinkers

Upstreet Craft Brewery recently launched a new non-alcoholic offering called the Libra Hazy IPA. With a growing number of consumers looking to abstain from alcohol, the beverage adds a tasty alternative to traditional beers. In addition, the Libra Hazy IPA enables non-drinkers to socialize in style with a drink that is instilled with the thoughtful craft process of an artisanal brewery.

The non-alcoholic beer has a refreshing tropical flavor. The taste is infused with essences of tropical fruit and mango—ideal for a hot summer day. The Libra Hazy IPA is a dry-hopped beer composed of Strata, Idaho 7, El Dorado, and Comet hops. Keeping the beverage low in carbs, the IPA has a total of 50 calories. Thus, the Libra Hazy IPA skips the beer belly and hangover without compromising the fresh summer flavor."

Source: Trendhunter, written by Josh Thompson-Persaud

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