Finding our Balance

Libra was inspired by the need for finding balance. It wasn't long before we discovered that working in the beverage industry required constant sampling and socializing, craft brews being the center of it all. A non-alcoholic beer seemed like the answer to finding our balance while socializing without sacrifice.The more we looked, the more we realized that there wasn’t a non alcoholic craft beer that tasted like the real thing. 

So we decided to make our own.

After 2 years of research and development, we created Libra Non Alcoholic Craft Beer. It has the feeling of drinking a craft beer with none of the alcohol and less calories. It looks and tastes like a craft beer, because we make it just like our others- with some small tweaks along the way. 

We’re now available Canada-wide through retailers online and in-store, helping Canadians to take charge and find balance in their lives. 

Serena Ryder - Libra’s Balance Ambassador

We had admired Juno award-winning Canadian folk-rocker Serena Ryder for her work in mental health and wellness, and for her extensive work to help emerging artists navigate and thrive in the music industry. We also knew she’d been abstaining from alcohol for three years, and might enjoy a non alcoholic craft beer that was true to style. So, we sent her some Libra to try, thinking that we might get lucky and she might like it.

She liked it so much, she decided to join the team as Libra’s Balance Ambassador, and together we’re on a mission to normalize socializing without alcohol. Serena and Libra will co-create wellness-inspired content and experiences that encourage Canadians to re-imagine what being social means to them, and help them find a balance that works with their health and lifestyle goals. 

As part of our partnership, 1% of Libra sales will support ArtHaus, which is on a mission to create a landscape where artists, musicians, creators, music industry leaders and wellness experts can come together to support one another. Its mentorship programs help artists hone their craft and collaborate with others in the industry while also providing mental wellness tools to support their overall wellness. 

Watch more on the partnership below: