Shipping & Return Policy

All orders are subject to product availability. If item(s) are not in stock at the time of your purchase we will be sure to notify you and refund you the full amount of your order, using the payment method used to place it originally.


01. Delivery Location 

Items offered on our website are only available for delivery in Canada. We are currently not able to provide shipments to places outside Canada during this time.

If you are ordering from The Northwest Territories, Yukon or Nunavut, please reach out to to order.

02. Delivery Time 

An estimated delivery time will be included in your order confirmation after it is placed. Delivery times will differ depending on your region. Nevertheless your Libra beverages will be shipped with care no matter where you reside.

03. Delivery Instructions 

Please list any special delivery instructions at checkout.

04. Shipping Costs

Shipping is $10 nation-wide for 12 & 24 packs, and shipping is FREE for 36 packs.

05. Damaged Items in Transport 

If there is any damage to your items, please contact the Upstreet team at and specify the item and damage suffered.

Winter Notice

Our product is a liquid and can sometimes freeze in transit. If you experience any damaged cans resulting from being frozen, please send us a photo to the above email. During periods of extreme cold, we may work with you to delay shipment until it is safer to send. 

06. Returns  

Refunds will only be valid for items that are defective. If it’s discovered that your order is defective please contact us with your order number. Upstreet Craft Brewing will be more than willing to quickly exchange the product.

07. Questions

If you have any questions about the delivery, shipment and/or return process please contact us at